Shortlist announced for JMCR award

Journal of Medical Case Reports will be making a special award for the best case report published in theBMC Research Awards journal to date, as part of the BioMed Central Research Awards.

We are pleased to announce the shortlist of nominees for this award:

Minocycline-induced hypersensitivity syndrome presenting with meningitis and brain edema: a case report
Nicolas Lefebvre, Emmanuel Forestier, David Farhi, Veronique Remy, Olivier Lesens, Mahsa Mohseni Zadeh, Daniel Christmann and Yves Hansmann
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2007, 1:22

A new syndrome with growth-hormone secreting pituitary adenoma, colonic polyposis, lipomatosis, lentigines and renal carcinoma in association with familial testicular germ cell malignancy: A case report
Phuong L Mai, Larissa Korde, Joan Kramer, June Peters, Christine M Mueller, Susan Pfeiffer, Constantine A Stratakis, Peter A Pinto, Gennady Bratslavsky, Maria Merino, Peter Choyke, W. Marston Linehan and Mark H Greene
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2007, 1:9

Reactive arthritis developing after pneumococcal conjunctivitis: a case report
Amit S Verma and Dorian Dwarika
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2007, 1:2

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held at the Royal Society of Medicine here in London on Wednesday 19th March.

Congratulations to all the nominees, and watch this space for the announcement of the winner.


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