Announcing Cases Journal: JMCR’s new sister publication

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new sister journal to JMCRCases Journal.

Edited by Richard Smith, the journal will publish any case report that is understandable, ethical, authentic, and includes all information essential to its interpretation. Case reports do not have to be unusual – the journal’s ethos is that every case report, no matter how ‘everyday’ is important. As Smith says in the journal’s launch editorial, “Clinicians have the privilege of dealing with individuals in all their complexity and magnificence. Every person, every “case” can teach us something.”

Cases Journal will work in collaboration with Journal of Medical Case Reports. Articles from both journals will be incorporated into the database of case reports that BioMed Central is creating. If case reports submitted to JMCR do not meet our acceptance criteria, authors will be considered by Cases Journal. Likewise, the most important case reports submitted to Cases Journal will be put forward for review in JMCR.

We hope that Cases Journal will go on to publish many thousands of case reports, including many from physicians who have never published before – we particularly encourage submissions from general practitioners. JMCR will be the home of the most interesting, important case reports that advance medical knowledge, and we hope will eventually receive an impact factor.

So whether you have a case report that gives an important clinical lesson, or whether it’s something more commonplace, we look forward to your case reports!


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