Image highlight: Sigmoid sinus thrombosis – a haemorrhagic venous infarction

Magnetic resonance venogram demonstrating occlusion of the left sigmoid and transverse sinuses

Piers Thomas et al. of the Northwest Thames Foundation School, London Deanery captured this magnetic resonance venogram which features in a recently published case report in Journal of Medical Case Reports.


Journal of Medical Case Reports 2008, 2:175

A 59-year-old Caucasian woman, recently diagnosed with Behçet’s disease, presented with an acute onset of alexia which she noticed whilst driving. She described how while she could read car number plates, she had lost the ability to read and understand words on roadsigns.  The left transverse and sigmoid sinuses were hyperdense and there was a focal area of high attenuation in the left temporoparietal region, consistent with secondary haemorrhagic venous infarction. A diagnosis of sigmoid sinus thrombosis with associated venous infarction was confirmed by computed tomography followed by magnetic resonance venography. [View full case report and more images]


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