Qatar plastic surgery team report hand reconstruction techique

Cases Journal has today published the second case report from a Hamad Medical Corp surgical team in Qatar. The first case series spans a two year period in their plastic surgery unit in which they describe their experience of five thumb reconstruction cases as a result of avulsion injury in male labors.

The authors describe a technique that uses the skeletonized phalanx of the amputated thumb as a free cortical bone graft with its periosteum resulting in a “perfect skeleton”. For full surgical details and more high quality downloadable accompanying images, read the case report.

In the second case series the authors explore four case reports of successful replantation of multiple digits.


Salah and Khalid Cases Journal 2008 1:22   doi:10.1186/1757-1626-1-22

A, B: crush avulsion injury; C: Skelotinized bone. D: Marking the radial forearm flap & fixing the bone graft by two crossing K wires; E, F: Raising & setting the flap; G, H, I: Marking raising & setting the sensate island (littler flap); J, K, L: final result M: X-ray shows bone healing.


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