Cases is supporting World AIDS Day 2008

ribbon_downloadIn honour of World AIDS Day 2008, this blog post features some of our most accessed case reports in HIV/AIDS.

The UK’s National AIDS Trust, one of the groups behind World AIDS Day, has a great website with lots of information for clinicians, patients and families. Show your support by visiting their website to see how you can help too.

Acute renal failure in an AIDS patient on tenofovir: a case report
Kapitsinou PP, Ansari N
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2008, 2:94 (31 March 2008)

Atypically distributed cutaneous lesions of Norwegian scabies in an HIV-positive man in South India: a case report
Vignesh R, Shankar EM, Devaleenal B, Balakrishnan P, Thousen SM, Sekar R, Solomon S, Kumarasamy N
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2008, 2:82 (14 March 2008)

Pulmonary cystic disease in HIV positive individuals in the Democratic Republic of Congo: three case reports
Callens SFJ, Kitetele F, Lelo P, Shabani N, Lusiama J, Wemakoy O, Colebunders R, Behets F, Van Rie A
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2007, 1:101 (22 September 2007)

Salmonella enteritidis meningitis in a first time diagnosed AIDS patient: Case report
Katsenos C, Anastasopoulos N, Patrani M, Mandragos C
Cases Journal 2008, 1:5 (12 May 2008)

Help us gather evidence and educate others on HIV/AIDS and share your experiences by publishing a case report. Every case counts.


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