Outside of Cases: News, blogs & case reports round-up

Vitamins do not cut cancer risk: Two longitudinal studies published in JAMA have found that neither vitamin E nor C supplementation reduced the risk of prostate or total cancer in men.

Lower rejection rate in patients receiving two organs in single transplant: A new study involving more than a million transplant recipients has found that rejection rates are lower in patients who receive two organs at once than in those who receive a single organ.

Cold sores link to Alzheimer’s: Research from a University of Manchester team has suggested that the herpes virus behind cold sores (pictured right) is a major cause of the protein plaques that accumulate in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

Top 10 medical innovations for 2009: Following the 6th Annual Medical Innovation Summit a list was compiled of the top 10 medical innovations for 2009, see them here.

Google trends: Alternative medicine and dieting trends: An interesting blog following on from the recent features on the google flu trend, this article shows the trends for searches on various types of complimentary medicine and also some rather amusing, if not predictable, trends in searches for ‘diet’.

Timing baby’s arrival to lower asthma risk: The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine reports that children born in autumn have a 30 percent higher risk for asthma than those born in other seasons. The finding is based on a review of birth and medical records of more than 95,000 children in Tennessee.

Gene expression can predict the survival of lymphoma patients: A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine identified sets of genes in large B-cell lymphoma patients that influence the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Case report: Leprosy patient cured of ‘right claw hand’ following series of injections: JMCR reports the first case of successful nerve regeneration in neglected neuropathy secondary to leprosy after local injection of corticosteroids

Video: Treatment of club foot in Africa: While working in the orthopaedic department at Ngwelezana, South Africa, Dr Andrew Hogg put together this video and blog to inform patients and their families of the treatment procedure for club foot.

Complex medical tests made from standard paper and tape: At the cost of 3 cents, a group of Harvard chemists have shown it is possible to make sophisticated medical tests from no more than paper and double sided tape. The tests can be used to check for dozens of diseases, such as HIV, dengue fever or hepatitis.


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