Medical news, blogs & case reports round-up

Oral immunotherapy with drinking milk may help milk allergy: A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre and Duke University found that giving milk-allergic children milk in increasingly higher doses over time eased their allergic reactions to milk and even helped some of the children completely overcome their milk allergy.

Increase in NHS patient error deaths: Data collected by the National Patient Safety Agency shows that more than 3,000 patients have died in the UK over the past year due to errors by NHS staff. Our journals welcome submission of case reports describing medical errors, so that others can learn from mistakes.

The LOX enzyme – a target to stop cancer spread: Halting metastasis is probably the major challenge facing cancer researchers today. This blog post from Cancer Research UK highlights a promising line of research based on the LOX enzyme’s possible involvement.

FDA approve test for donated blood: This week the FDA have approved a new nucleic acid test to screen donated blood for HIV (RNA), hepatitis C (RNA) and hepatitis B (DNA), all in a single, automated assay.

Super bacteria gives potential to stop dengue fever spread: In a study published in Science this week, a group of Australian researchers found that the lifespan of dengue carrying mosquitoes can be significantly shortened when infected with wolbachia, a specific type of bacterium that acts to genetically modify its host.

More Americans getting multiple chronic illnesses: More Americans are being diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure, often having more than three at a time, fueling a big rise in out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Can poetry define health? Dr Richard Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Cases Journal, has a go at defining health, using poetry.

Top ten health technology hazards: 10 key medical device risks, and how to steer clear of them.

Cattle bacteria strain a potential pathogen to immunocompetent man: Previously thought to be harmless to humans, a bacteria recognized as a skin commensal of cattle and found in unpasteurized dairy products caused cholangitis in a 72-year-old man.


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  1. superjumbomortgage Says:

    This blog not only succeeds in what I doubted a single author could accomplish — the blog is, in fact, a useful and balanced overview of the state of medical education — but also is exactly what the author promises a blog about the pursuit of excellence in medical education, construed above all in ethical terms.

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