World Leprosy Day

Yesterday was World Leprosy Day, an event to raise awareness of this age-old disease, particularly to spread understanding that leprosy is cureable and manageable.

Our journals have published several case reports of patients with leprosy, and of course we welcome more to help share knowledge and experience of this disease.

Single lesion multibacillary leprosy, a treatment enigma: a case report Sapkota BR, Neupane KD, Maharjan RK

Intraneural injection of corticosteroids to treat nerve damage in leprosy: a case report and review of literature Nashed SG, Rageh TA, Attallah-Wasif ES, Abd-Elsayed AA

Concomitant age old infections of mankind – tuberculosis and leprosy: a case report Sreeramareddy CT, Menezes RG, Kishore PV


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