Cases Network: The inside story

Cases Network: The Inside Story

Cases Network: The Inside Story

Here at Cases Network we feel it is about time that we revealed a little more about the editorial side of the submission process to Cases Journal and Journal of Medical Case Reports (JMCR). Over the next few weeks we will publish a blog series to give you an insight into the glitz, the glamour and the ins and outs of taking a manuscript from initial submission through to publication. There will be plenty of insider tips along the way to help you to become a successfully published author with Cases Network!

One of the unique aspects of Cases Network is just how quickly we aim to give authors our first decision on their manuscript; from just 3 weeks for Cases Journal and 6-8 weeks for JMCR. We are grateful to have dedicated and prestigious editorial boards who, together with ourselves the in-house editors, work very hard to quickly assign manuscripts to appropriate reviewers and give prompt and thorough feedback to our authors.

However, very occasionally things don’t run as smoothly and efficiently as we would like. One of the most common problems causing a delay to our first decision is the submission of manuscripts that are in the wrong format or with missing sections (*see our tip below*).

Our first step following submission of a manuscript is to check that it is suitable for the journal it is submitted to. We check that it fits our criteria and conforms to the journal style according to our specific guidelines, which means the inclusion of some critical sections such as ‘patient’s consent’ and a ‘declaration of competing interests’. These are explained in our Instructions for authors for Cases J and JMCR. If there are any problems, we simply ask authors to submit a revised version. Only when manuscripts are formatted correctly can we then begin the peer review process.

*Author tip* – check the format of your manuscript before submitting. Why not download our manuscript template for Cases J or JMCR as well?

Keep checking here for the next ‘Inside Story’ blog!

Lindsay and Richard

Editorial Assistants – Cases Network


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