Cases Network awards – congratulations to our winners

Richard Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Cases Journal, announced the winners of the first Cases Network Awards at our meeting “Celebrating case reports, the stories in health care” on Friday.

Dr Antonio Oliva, from Rome, was at the meeting to personally accept his award for ‘Most important report of an adverse drug reaction’, for his paper ‘Fatal injection of ranitidine: a case report‘.

Dr Oliva’s case describes a patient’s anaphylactic reaction to treatment with this common drug.

The other winners announced were:

Best contribution from a patient


Cases Network: Best contribution from a patient award

A woman living with osteoarthritis: a case report by Jane Richardson, Christian Mallen and Helen Burrell.

As well as being listed as an author of the case, Helen Burrell is the patient the case focuses on, and she contributed some of her poems about living with osteoarthritis as the ‘Patient’s perspective’ section of the case.

Greatest potential impact on clinical practice

The first report of human illness associated with the Panola Mountain  Ehrlichia species: a case report by Will Reeves, Amanda Loftis, William Nicholson and Alan Czarkowski from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Best case from general practice

Preventing long term relapsing tinea unguium with topical anti-fungal cream: a case report by Bruce Arroll and Amanda Oakley

Our congratulations to all the winners for their excellent contributions to our journals!

Congratulations also to the runners-up:

Greatest impact on clinical practice

First isolation of two colistin-resistant emerging pathogens, Brevundimonas diminuta and Ochrobactrum anthropi, in a woman with cystic fibrosis: a case report by Magalie Menuet, Fadi Bittar, Nathalie  Stremler, Jean-Christophe Dubus, Jacques Sarles, Didier Raoult,  Jean-Marc Rolain

Acute syphilitic chorioretinitis after a missed primary diagnosis: a case report
by Claudia Handtrack, Harald Knorr, Kerstin U Amann, Christoph Schoerner,  Karl F Hilgers, Walter Geißdörfer

Fatal fulminant herpes simplex hepatitis secondary to tongue piercing  in an immunocompetent adult: a case report by Shaheen E Lakhan and Lindsey Harle

Most important report of an adverse drug reaction

Cholestatic hepatitis as a possible new side-effect of oxycodone: a case report by Vincent Ho et al

Best case from general practice

Diagnosing a popliteal venous aneurysm in a primary care setting: a case report by Emmanouil K Symvoulakis et al


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