GPs – share your experience for free

A new special offer starts today for GPs and family physicians – publish your first case report with Cases Network for free.

We want to encourage family doctors to share their experience and let others learn from these consultations, and so prevent the knowledge of the thousands of daily primary care consultations from being lost.  Journal of Medical Case Reports and Cases Journal provide a forum for GPs to publish and pass on their valuable experience. We are interested in any case that you feel someone else could learn from – no matter how big or small that lesson.

By waiving the usual article-processing charge for each family doctor’s first case we hope to show how useful it can be for GPs to write and publish a case report. As Cases Journal‘s Editor, Richard Smith, recently wrote in the British Journal of General Practice, “‘ordinary doctors’, who have no incentive to write and publish and so usually don’t, will gain something valuable for themselves from the act of writing”, and goes on to quote Atul Gawande, the Boston surgeon  saying “I  found I needed to write …Because medicine is a retail enterprise, because doctors provide their services to one person after another it can be a grind. You can lose your larger sense of purpose. But writing lets you step back and think through a problem … Most of all, by offering your reflections to an audience, even a small one, you make yourself part of a larger world.

We hope that GPs worldwide will take us up on our offer and try publishing their own cases. Everyday cases are very welcome in Cases Journal, with the more unusual and important cases being published in Journal of Medical Case Reports. All cases are peer reviewed and indexed in PubMed, as well as our own forthcoming searchable database of case reports.

Submit your case today

To claim your free publication, simply request a waiver when you submit your case report online, stating where you practice as a family physician, and confirming that it is your first case report published with Cases Network. The usual article-processing charge of £199 for Cases Journal or £499 for the more selective JMCR allows the case report to be open access – freely available to all with no subscription fee.

Submit your case today to share your experience – we believe every person, every case, can teach us something.


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