Update on oral medicine: the latest dental cases

Cases Network welcomes case reports from all areas of health care, and we’re pleased with how many cases are submitted from the fields of dentistry and oral medicine.

Here is an overview of some of our recent dental cases:

A great case report on treatment for severe wearing of the teeth caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease and bruxism in a 54-year-old Turkish man. Here, the authors describe how the maxillary and mandibular anterior and posterior teeth were prepared for metal-ceramic restorations.

In many adults with periodontal disease the positioning of teeth prevents proper cleaning. This case report gives an interdisciplinary (periodontic, orthodontic, restorative) approach for treatment.

Cantore et al. report the case of a rare horizontal radicular fracture located between the middle- and apical-third of the upper left-central incisors followed-up over 4 years.

A 23-year-old Turkish woman with malaligned anterior teeth was rehabilitated with ceramic veneers due to her rejection of orthodontic treatment. Türkaslan and Ulusoy describe how ceramic veneers can be an alternative treatment to orthodontic therapy.

If you are interested in reviewing dental case reports for either journal, please get in touch!


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