Case report of the week: A rare case of primary lung cancer

Journal of Medical Case Reports (JMCR) publishes original and interesting case reports that expand medical knowledge and the newly published case by Syed Raza and colleagues, “Primary pulmonary mucinous cystadenocarcinoma presenting as a complex bronchocele: a case report”, is a great article to exemplify our journal’s scope.

There have only been 20 described cases of pulmonary mucinous cystadenocarcinoma (PMC) since it was first reported in 1978. PMC is a distinct but rare variety of lung cancer that, as with most lung cancers, predominantly occurs in older age and with a positive smoking history.

PMC is difficult to diagnose due to the scarcity of cancer cells present within the lesion. In this case the patient presented after collapsing and was diagnosed, based on CT findings, with a complex bronchocele (a dilation of the bronchus).  The patient went on to undergo open lung biopsy and histopathological testing that confirmed the diagnosis of PMC. This case is important in highlighting the need to consider primary PMC when investigating a suspicious bronchocele.

This case report is also excellent for its presentation of imaging and histological findings. Figure 3 from the article (below) is the view from the bronchoscopy that revealed the soft tissue lesion in the bronchus. It provides us with a very interesting insight into the investigation of such conditions.

Bronchoscopic view of Bronchoscopic view of the carina with the mass protruding from the right upper lobe bronchus

Bronchoscopic view. Figure taken from Raza et al., "Primary pulmonary mucinous cystadenocarcinoma presenting as a complex bronchocele: a case report" in the August issue of JMCR

The deputy editor described this report as “an extremely interesting and well written case, that is most suitable for JMCR” . Visit the journal to view the full article of this case and more in the August 2009 issue.

Lindsay Dytham – Editorial Assistant, Cases Network


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